Asset Performance Planning Software (APPS)

Transforming Data into High Quality, Decision Making Information

Key Benefits

Many organizations must convince a board, a legislature or the public at large to approve funds for reinvesting in facilities. Facts about the building age and condition clearly demonstrate that need. This information helps managers set priorities and organize repair work into persuasive messages to secure more funding.

Identify and quantify all deficient conditions in terms of deferred maintenance and capital repair/plant renewal.

Identify, prioritize, and schedule deferred maintenance reduction projects.

Classify, rank and prioritize all deficient conditions.

Identify the resources needed to maintain the operability, suitability, and value of the physical assets.

Identify the extent and severity of the deferred maintenance liability for each building system and each building including the total deferred maintenance liability for the entire portfolio.

Develop values for current replacement cost and a Facilities Condition Index that reflect the current level of deferred maintenance and capital needs.

Data is an Asset

From the boiler room to the boardroom, data is an asset and key enabler for decision makers at every level of your organization. Using APPS, you will be able to develop forecasts for the renewal of building systems through life-cycle analysis. These forecasts will assist in the creation of budgets for capital renewal. This data can also be used to communicate financial needs to decision-makers. The graph below is an example of 15-Year Capital Renewal Forecast.

  • Increased funding for facility Repairs, Renovations and Replacements
  • Justification for hiring additional facility personnel
  • Increased support by decision makers
Beginning with the End in Mind

We begin by reviewing existing documents on the portfolio that will be assessed. This initial data includes the number of buildings in the portfolio, the names of the buildings, size (gross square feet) their construction makeup and their ages. This information is transferred into a customizable cost model where costs for building systems and their individual life cycles will be established. Our cost models are based upon nationally recognized sources of specific data- Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and RSMeans as a source for all repair and replacement costs.

We provide the resources needed to help quickly implement your program.

Performing a facility condition assessment is a great way to jump start this process or as a stand-alone service, we will provide an inventory of fixed, visible and accessible building equipment. This includes documenting manufacturer, model, serial number, capacities, horsepower, voltage, date placed in service, refrigerant type etc. We can also affix a durable barcode tag to each piece of equipment.

People, Processes and Technology

Dedicated professionals will evaluate the condition of your major building systems and infrastructure so that we can estimate the remaining service life for purposes of capital renewal forecasting. The data is then uploaded into your capital planning software for long-term planning purposes. In addition to your capital planning solution being fully populated and ready for you to maintain, a comprehensive report will be prepared for your use in documenting the financial needs of your facilities and prioritizing projects.

  • Exterior systems: roof systems, wall systems, window systems, and exterior doors
  • Fire protection systems
  • Interior systems: walls, doors, floors and ceilings
  • Elevator systems
  • Site and Infrastructure: grounds, utilities and paving systems
  • Electrical and electrical distribution systems
  • Kitchen Equipment Assessment
  • Plumbing systems
  • Irrigation/Landscape Assessment

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